CNAIM 2.1 with Danish assets now freely available

CNAIM 2.1 with Danish assets now freely available

In 2021 Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, the regulator in Great Britain) released the new updated CNAIM 2.1 version. In short CNAIM is an asset failure risk assessment model following the ISO 55000 standard based on the United Kingdom’s electricity distribution. In this regard Landel Johnston, chairman of the CNAIM (UK) board, kindly asked Utiligize to update our open-source CNAIM package for R to correspond to the new changes in the CNAIM 2.1 standard. These new changes are now fully implemented in our software and can be visited on

Further customizations have been performed, so the R package includes models for Danish assets. This creates the opportunity to calculate the probability of failure, consequences of failure and monetary risk for Danish utility assets. The customizations to the open source version also consist of additional LV assets such as 0.4 kV cables, 10 kV cables and 0.4/10 kV transformers. Utiligize has obviously published the open-source R package, now available on Github and CRAN, that allows regulators, data scientists and researchers to quickly implement revenue models based on risk.

The open source CNAIM package now contains 250 functions for modelling power system reliability and 61 asset classes and additional 21 asset classes specifically for the Danish energy sector.

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