Forecast & Investment

Your Roadmap to Informed Grid
Investment Decisions

In today’s ever-evolving energy landscape, utilities face a unique set of challenges. The need for electrification in transportation and heating, coupled with aging infrastructure, puts unprecedented pressure on budgets and system reliability. Which assets will be impacted? And When?

This is where Utiligize’s Forecast & Investment module steps in, revolutionizing the way utilities plan their investments with detailed simulations of future grid load tailored to the specific challenges of each utility.

Key Features

Optimizes investments for reliability while effectively managing costs.
Precise Grid Load Forecasting, offers detailed load forecasts for better asset planning.
Enhance grid reliability with N-1 simulations, which assesses the resilience of your entire power network.

Investment decisions that cut costs by 35%

Our intelligent solution harnesses the power of advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide you with invaluable insights. It goes beyond traditional planning, enabling you to make investment decisions based on a robust understanding of your specific challenges and opportunities. In a rapidly changing world, being equipped with such foresight is invaluable.


Transparency and Compliance

The landscape of utility operations is changing, with new regulations emphasizing transparency in e.g., network development planning. We empower you to create detailed and transparent network development plans, enhancing stakeholder trust and regulatory compliance.

A Clearer Grid Perspective

Utiligize’s Forecast & Investment module is not limited to investment planning. It provides you with a comprehensive and visual overview of your power grid. Easily identify voltage irregularities and overloads both in the present and the future, enabling timely intervention. Furthermore, our module allows you to identify those customers who may not be adhering to their purchased amp rights, while supporting N-1 calculations to ensure system reliability and displaying spare capacity.


Balancing Costs and Reliability

As the energy landscape continues to evolve with the integration of distributed energy resources, balancing costs and system reliability becomes increasingly complex. Utiligize simplifies this challenge. Our Forecast & Investment module optimizes your investments, identifies the identifies the congested areas in the grid and suggests where and when you need to invest. This is based on results of forecasted scenarios simulating future loading with different DERs.

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