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Introducing Our Feature Videos: Dive into the Depths of Our Solution

Welcome to our “Videos” section, where you can dive deeper into the features and benefits of our solution.
Each video is designed to give you a clear, concise overview of how our tools and services can enhance your experience and meet your specific needs. The videos showcases exciting features in our software that are designed to make electric grids fit for the green transition and digitalize the work of DSOs.

Explore our extensive video series that sheds light on the unique features of our solutions, straight from the source – our dedicated team members.
Discover first-hand accounts and demonstrations of how our solutions work tirelessly to reduce costs and strengthen the reliability of your business.

Max Load Layer

Discover the features of our Max Load Layer in this informative video. Designed for grid operators, this visualization tool highlights areas of congestion and overload, providing a quick and comprehensive understanding of grid status with a single glance. Max Load Layer leverages historical smart meter data along with distributed energy resource forecasts, giving you an in-depth understanding of your grid’s past, present and projected future. See how current and voltage issues are clearly identified and navigated with this innovative tool.

Investment Module

Discover the features of our Investment Module in this informative video. With the investment feature, our software automatically creates investment plans based on the results from forecasted scenarios. As a grid operator, you will gain insights on when you need to invest in which type of assets, including sizing suggestions. Use the created investment plans for budget planning, board presentations, and as an input for your network development plan. This feature significantly speeds up your planning processes and supports your work in a data-driven and clear way. distributed energy resource forecasts, giving you an in-depth understanding of your grid’s past, present and projected future. See how current and voltage issues are clearly identified and navigated with this innovative tool.

Network Development Plan

Experience the automatic generation of network development plans with our innovative Forecast & Investment software. This powerful feature increases your productivity by providing pre-filled templates that are designed to comply with legislation and automatically update based on your input in our dashboard. Say goodbye to the hassles of dealing with multiple software programs and Excel spreadsheets. Our integrated platform centralizes all your data and streamlines your entire planning process in a clear and efficient way. Network development plans are important strategic documents used by network operators to outline the future development of their electricity or gas networks. These plans describe the necessary investments and infrastructure upgrades required to ensure the network can meet future demand and regulatory requirements. By automating the creation of these plans, our software not only saves time, but also improves the accuracy and reliability of your strategic planning.

Car & EV identification

Discover our cutting-edge approach to identifying future EV charging locations with the Forecast & Investment software shown in this informative video. Explore how we use historical data, satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to make accurate forecasts that guide the expansion of EV infrastructure.

This innovative approach not only predicts where charging stations are most needed, but also helps plan for the green transition by identifying potential congestion areas. Our advanced data and techniques give you actionable insights to help you make strategic decisions and develop infrastructure.

Watch our video to see how this feature is changing the way network operators plan for the future, making your processes more efficient and your decisions more data-driven.

Data Quality

Discover how our automated algorithms support grid operators in identifying and facilitating the resolution of GIS data issues in this week’s feature video. Learn how our tools support fast and reliable improvements to data quality.

This innovative method offers clear insights into data management, helps pinpoint and address recurring problems, and assists in overcoming barriers to integrating this valuable data across various IT systems, increasing its overall value.

Our advanced techniques provide you with actionable intelligence, enhancing operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

Watch the video to explore the full capabilities of our solutions.

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