Maintenance & Planning

Elevating Asset Management
By Improving Data Quality

In the realm of asset management, data quality stands as the cornerstone. For both regulatory compliance and analytical precision, improving data quality is pivotal. It is not just about collecting data: it is about collecting the right data. At Utiligize, we recognize that data is the key to efficient operations and making sound, long-term decisions.

Maintenance & Planning developed by grid and asset management experts, has been meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs and demands of DSOs around Europe. However, we understand that every utility is unique.

Key Features

Collect and document the right information on assets for regulatory compliance and precise analytics.
App for maintenance tasks, inspections, online manuals, asset condition according to industry standards.
Manage projects and resources with seamless data integration to ERP solutions.

ISO and DS/EN Compliance

Our Maintenance & Planning module aligns seamlessly with industry standards. We are proud to be in conjunction with and supportive of the DS/EN 13306 and ISO 90001 standards. DS/EN 13306 focuses on maintenance, while ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 are all about quality management systems that ensure installations are conducted and serviced in accordance with the law.

Streamlined Maintenance and Planning

Utiligize’s mobile app serves as your tool for efficient maintenance, inspections, and documentation. We have designed it to be user-friendly, ensuring that your technicians can easily carry out these crucial tasks, whether they are in the field or behind the desk in the office. The benefits do not end there; our solution includes manuals and also supports time registrations, making the entire process from planning to task execution smoother and more effective.

For all utilities

Utiligize’s Maintenance & Planning solution is developed by grid- and asset-management experts and has been tailored to meet the needs and demands of DSOs. It can easily be adapted to other types of utilities to accommodate operational and project management needs.

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