Open Source CNAIM for R

Open Source CNAIM for R

The green transition will require significant investment in utility infrastructure. Many countries have restrictive income caps or fixed tariffs that do not allow for investment to support the electrification of transport, heating and agricultural processes. Incentive-based revenue caps are the answer, and will likely be adopted in many countries over the next decade.

Utiligize has published an open-source R package, now available on Github, and soon on CRAN, that allows regulators, data scientists and researchers to quickly implement revenue models based on future needs.

We are also pleased to reveal the website, which will support and document this package.

This open source package complements Utiligize’s commercial asset management package, Asset Life. Here is an overview of the functionality in CNAIM for R and Asset Life:

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Probability of failure calculations
Consequences of failure calculations
Monetary risk calculations
Fault statistics parameter estimation
User-friendly dashboard
Monte Carlo simulations of reliability
Integration with GIS databases
Optimal investment and maintenance plans
Optimization with respect to existing revenue caps
Duty and load factor from intelligent future scenarios
Data collection

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