OPEX savings with Asset Life

OPEX savings with Asset Life

Electric utilities are under enormous pressure to modernise their business practices and support electricifcation of transport, heating and industrial processes. At Utiligize, we optimize daily operations through data-driven decision making and present it to users through an intuitive dashboard and mobile app that provides task management, time registration, document management and a form-building tool. This way users can drop paper-based documentation altogether when maintaining their assets.

Utiligize’s asset health condition monitoring is partly based on the CNAIM standard, with changes to the underlying model to account for increased future loading. When we look at the recent history of a Utiligize customer, we can see the following distribution of health for some of their medium and low voltage portfolio:

This is a key ingredient in our optimization routines that allow us to minimize cost compared to the standard maintenance intervals normally used. Utiligize’s Asset Life integrates with accounting systems to understand real costs associated with all types of maintenance and, when combined with automated calculations of inspection and repair time, significant cost savings can be achieved, as shown for a small utility in Denmark:

By focusing on assets that are in poor condition, technicians have fewer wasted visits and can save 25% on OPEX compared to a business as usual approach. If you’d like to learn more about how Utiligize streamlines daily operations for utilities, we have a new demo mode in our mobile application which allows you to download the app for Android and iOS and see it in action today. Get in touch to enable demo mode today!

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