Utiligize chosen for Flexibility Heat Grid pilot

Utiligize chosen for Flexibility Heat Grid pilot

There is great potential in increasing the efficiency of district heating consumption-, distribution- and production by managing district heating users’ consumption more intelligently. Optimized control of district heating units can improve energy efficiency in households and provide better cooling of the return temperature in the district heating system, thus reducing heat loss. Bornholms Forsyning has set up a pilot with Utiligize and other vendors in order to gain knowledge to fulfill the potentials. Thus data and simulation of the network is needed to create better operating situations and strategies. The project will run through 2022 with a budget of approx. 250.000K€ funded by The Regional Foundation in Denmark.

The Solution

The project tests and demonstrates a simulation model that includes the use of end-user flexibility in the district heating network for better utilization of the network, improved operation of central heat production units, integration of decentralized sources of waste heat and for co-operation with the electricity system via flexibility services.

Problem owner – Utility company

Bornholm’s Energy and Supply (problem owner)

Problem solvers

Utiligize (SaaS Asset Management, network simulation) NeoGrid Technologies (SmartGrid software) DTU Electrical (knowledge institution)

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